The Company

In 2015, Keith Candiotti, Optimera’s founder, was working as the head of Ad Technology & Operations at the New York Daily News. Advertisers began to request transacting on viewability and the ad ops team was tasked to figure out the most efficient way to deliver these campaigns.


After vetting numerous vendors, the solutions offered were to pull very lengthy reports, analyze them, and then manually retarget campaigns within the ad platform. This would have come at the cost of an additional platform, an additional human resource, and time wasted for a result that would only be as fresh as yesterday’s data.


Because Optimera was developed with a publisher’s unique set of challenges in mind, proof of concept for a fully automated viewability optimization solution was soon built.


Optimera was the first employee launched startup in the Daily News Innovation Lab.


The prototype was developed into an enterprise solution at New York Daily News.  Servicing millions of daily impressions, to great success, Optimera created additional revenue, elevated CPMs and increased CTRs. Shortly after, sister company U.S. News & World Report also implemented Optimera.


Optimera was later invited to join Matter, an accelerator for early-stage media ventures that are changing media for good; ventures that have the potential to make society more informed, connected, and empowered. Matter’s LPs include The Associated Press, Google News Lab, The Knight Foundation, McClatchy, and The New York Times.


While at Matter, Keith met Carrie Molay, a mentor in the program. Carrie immediately connected with Keith’s vision and the opportunity to affect positive change for publishers. Carrie soon became Optimera’s Chief Operating Officer.


In the three years since Optimera’s launch, solutions have been developed for open exchange, programmatic and direct sales as well as for video, native, mobile, real-time-redesign and predictive modeling.


Optimera delivers data on which a publisher can take action and does, in fact, help publishers find and target viewable inventory on their sites; the resulting delivery exceeding that of the client’s own viewability reporting.


Optimera: the authority on digital revenue optimization.


Keith Candiotti

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Keith’s interest in disruptive technologies that solve inefficiencies for publishers lead him to found Optimera, an automated optimization engine that helps publishers project and deliver viewable inventory.

Optimera’s core offering is a utility that collects the viewability metrics of a website’s advertisements, scores the viewability of each ad placement, and then reports the score to the advertiser’s ad platform so ads can be delivered against viewability thresholds.

Instead of turning away business, Optimera helps publishers by allowing them to run ad campaigns that have viewability thresholds and achieving them every time.

Keith’s goal is to become a thought leader in the industry, helping to shape efficient processes that result in lean team compositions, high ad revenue, and keeping publishers on the leading edge of related technology.


Carrie Molay

Chief Operating Officer

Working at the intersection of media and technology and driving growth at early stage companies, Carrie’s career in publishing, recruiting, social and software has led her to join Optimera to fully develop the vision to solve publishers’ unique problems.

Publishers know their problems, Optimera solves them. Carrie is dedicated to building a company that supports what publishers do best and only: create great content and user experiences.



By Publishers for Publishers

Optimera’s key focus, starting with viewability, is to offer publishers a way to easily automate ad operation work that is normally a heavy manual burden resulting in low success.


With a focus on making data actionable and profitable, Optimera continues to build a brand exclusively for publishers that monetizes and prioritizes their inventory as efficiently as possible.