Client Background
A large digital publisher that averages 45 million unique visitors per month implemented Optimera’s technology in order to execute direct sold campaigns with minimum viewability thresholds. The goal was for Optimera’s technology to seamlessly plug into the ad operation team’s current workflow without the need for additional people power, platform education, or complicated analysis to project viewable inventory.


The publisher was receiving more and more RFPs with minimum viewability targets.  However, DFP does not provide a setting to pull inventory for only a certain level of viewability. Sales had little insight and there was no straightforward way to know the viewable inventory.

Before implementing Optimera, the publisher used DFP Active View reporting to learn which ad units had the best viewability and used this data for inventory projections and delivery. However, this inventory was extremely limited and did not always hit the needed viewability threshold because ad unit level viewability is simply an aggregate score of all ad positions within that ad unit’s scope of delivery. There was no way to surface only the “good” viewability.



Optimera pushes a key-value based viewability score into the ad platform for every ad position across the site enabling the ad platform to  surface “good” inventory among all of the site’s ad units.


The next viewability-based RFPs were accepted, accurately projected and delivered!