Client Background

A news publisher averaging 400 million page views per month implemented Optimera’s technology to execute direct sold campaigns with minimum viewability thresholds.
Thereafter, an initiative was formed to offer traditional, direct sold buys via Preferred Deals.
Optimera’s technology seamlessly plugs into the ad operation team’s current workflow without the need for additional people power, platform education, or complicated analysis. This automates viewability optimizations that execute guaranteed viewability delivery.



The publisher had no way to target viewability for Preferred Deals in their SSP.


Publisher was able to create preferred deals in their SSP targeting Optimera +70% viewability key-values.



Advertisers’ minimum viewability thresholds were met because the publisher applied Optimera targeting at deal creation.


Say yes with Optimera!

Rather than turning away viewability based revenue, Publishers that work with Optimera, deliver with confidence.