Propriety Viewability Data Collection


Optimera creates a viewability floor that is agnostic of all advertising vendors and measurement methodologies. Instead of being yet another metric or a verification vendor, Optimera simply ensures that advertisers’ metrics are met without wasteful over-delivery or manual optimizations.




How Optimera Works

Optimera’s Single-click optimization creates an inventory profile in your ad server, refreshes in real time, and increases Direct, Programmatic and Open Exchange revenue, CPM and CTR.





Before & After


Before implementing Optimera, this campaign was only able to achieve an average viewability of 40%. In just a single click with Optimera, the publisher was able to achieve the advertiser’s minimum viewability threshold of 60% … instantly!





Publisher Workflow with Optimera



  • Publisher first and exclusively
  • No revenue conflict
  • Complementary to your current ad stack
  • Real-time data refreshing
  • New inventory discovery
  • Full automation
  • Efficient allocation and projection of inventory





Empower Sales Team with Optimera

Receive an RFP with minimum viewability threshold.


Use Optimera to forecast relevant inventory

Achieve advertisers viewability every time. Guaranteed.

The Results
  • Empower sales to confidently sell viewable inventory
  • Direct ads to the most viewable positions in real time
  • Accurately forecast viewable inventory
  • A faster way to optimize delivery toward viewability
  • Create Private Marketplaces above a viewability threshold
  • Eliminate wasted inventory