Viewability drives revenue

Developed for Publishers,
by Publishers.

Why Optimera?
  • Empower sales to confidently sell viewable inventory
  • Direct ads to the most viewable positions in real time
  • Forecast viewable inventory
  • Create viewability targeting Private Marketplaces
  • Eliminate wasteful over delivery
  • Increase open exchange revenue
  • A faster way to optimize delivery towards viewability
  • Make your revenue stack work harder
Trusted By
At Matter, we are a mission driven accelerator investing in early-stage media ventures that are changing media for good. Optimera drives digital revenue optimizations for publishers giving them a clear path to reinvesting in the newsroom.

- Corey Ford, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Matter

CTR Uplift


The more viewable the ad, the higher the click through rate.

Publishers that use Optimera see increases of 2x – 4x CTR!

Solutions for:
  • Display
  • Programmatic
  • Open Exchange
  • Native
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Content
  • Predictive
  • Real Time Redesign


Optimera allows publishers to do what
they do best and optimizes the rest.