About Optimera

Optimera exists to solve real publisher problems and create lift. Incubated at the Daily News Innovation Lab, Optimera launched its flagship viewability product that gave publishers the ability to optimize campaign delivery toward viewable inventory, based on real-time data, without wasting impressions.

Since its inception in 2014, Optimera has continued to organically develop its publishing technology based on direct client feedback, providing innovative solutions to challenges like brand safety, first-party audience data, and flooring optimization.

Today, Optimera’s publishing technology platform runs on major publishing networks and over 3,500 websites. Optimera is the publisher’s one-stop shop for essential revenue optimizations and continues to provide publishers with the tools they need to survive in an ever-changing and evolving industry.

Meet the Team

Keith Candiotti

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Keith’s interest in disruptive technologies that solve inefficiencies for publishers led him to found Optimera.

Keith is a thought leader in the industry, helping to shape innovative, efficient processes that result in lean team compositions, high ad revenue, and keeping publishers on the leading edge of related technology.

Carrie Molay

Chief Operating Officer

Working at the intersection of media and technology and driving growth at early stage companies, Carrie’s career in publishing, recruiting, social and software has led her to join Optimera to fully develop the vision to solve publishers’ unique problems.

Carrie is dedicated to building a company that supports what publishers do best and only: create great content and user experiences.

Michael Callari

Director of Engineering

With over two decades of expertise in the media industry and a deep understanding of web development and data analysis, Mike has has collaborated closely with a wide range of media companies to develop high-impact solutions across multiple platforms.

Mike’s innovative and efficient approach has helped his teams not just stay ahead of the curve but set it.

Sami Beig

Revenue Engineer

With a quick wit and a sharp mind, Sami is known for helping Optimera clients undergo a seamless technical implementation. Whether it’s Smart Refresh, Viewable Video, or any of our technical products, he can gladly help with any implementation questions!

When Sami isn’t busy cracking jokes all day, he can be found playing video games or wondering why the New York Knicks still can’t win a championship.

Jeffrey Kimm

Publisher Development Director

A sales professional at his core, Jeff has been in the ad tech industry for over 4 years. His focus has been on business development and assisting publishers with maximizing revenue without sacrificing user experience.

If you don’t run into Jeff at various ad tech events in NYC or across the country, you’ll likely find him struggling to improve his golf game or watching sports at a random dive bar.

Matt Abruzzese Ott

Data Analyst

With a keen eye for data and a knack for insight, Matt takes the lead in deciphering the intricacies of Optimera’s analytics. Whether it’s unraveling complex trends or optimizing strategies, he’s your go-to source for valuable insights.

When Matt’s not immersed in data analytics, he enjoys golfing, hiking, and photography.