Optimera on Oracle’s exit from the advertising business

Optimera’s suite of publishing technology began with a single product that allowed AdOps teams to optimize campaign delivery toward in-view inventory in order to achieve Viewability KPIs for advertisers. Optimera is now a publisher technology that includes a suite of solutions that increase publisher revenue and improve advertiser outcomes. 

Oracle’s recent announcement to leave behind its ad business has publishers urgently looking for replacements for:

  • Moat Analytics
  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Data Collaboration Platform (DCA)
  • Digital Audiences
  • BlueKai Marketplace
  • OnRamp
  • Data Enrichment/Data Append
  • Offline Targeting

With Optimera in place, publishers have always had the ability to:

Direct Sold

  • Forecast viewable inventory
  • Create orders targeted at % viewability thresholds
  • Validated by Moat and all other measurement vendors


  • Identify buyers that seek viewable inventory
  • Upsell open exchange to PMP
  • Pathway to Direct

Optimera publishers typically surface 10% more viewable inventory, see a 20% CPM lift in the open exchange, and double CTR.

Optimera also provides publishers with value added viewability audits and reporting on inventory that includes:

  • In view %
  • In view time
  • Universal interaction %
  • Universal interaction time
  • Dwell Time
  • Hover Rate
  • Invalid traffic rate

And, Optimera’s data provide publishers with a Smart Refresh product that uses URL level viewability and Time-In-View data to refresh Open Exchange, PMP and Direct impressions.

In addition to Optimera’s viewability capabilities, all of our solutions have synergy. Generate lift with a single implementation and contract.