Optimera’s Viewability Targeting Guarantee

Optimera guarantees you’ll meet viewability KPIs, no matter which measurement vendor the advertiser uses. With Optimera technology, you can surface the highly-viewable inventory you need, at the right time, without overdelivering or reducing inventory by lazy-loading.

Here’s an example of how one Optimera publisher targeted a direct campaign using our viewability key values:

By using Optimera’s key values, the publisher exceeded expectations and delivered 87% total Active View viewable impressions, despite a site average of 59% viewability. This allowed the publisher to meet the advertiser’s KPI of 80% viewability, regardless of discrepancies between Active View and the advertiser’s measurement vendor.

Optimera puts publishers first. Measurement vendors cater to advertisers, enabling them to seek make-goods from you, based on data that doesn’t match your reports. We solve that problem by measuring the measurers and ensuring that you meet advertiser requirements every time.

If you’re not using Optimera’s viewability key values to achieve the KPIs of your direct and programmatic deals, now’s the time to start!