Measuring the measurers

Advertising key performance indicators (KPIs) exist for a good reason: to provide metrics that quantify how and whether brands achieve specific advertising goals. The metrics are plentiful, often come along with inconsistent definitions, and as soon as publishers have a grasp on how to optimize campaign delivery that results in success, another metric is introduced.

For each metric-of-the-moment, measurement vendors spring up to govern the metric, which means there’s not only a new benchmark for publishers to meet, but also yet another service to pay for to measure and track performance.

And if that weren’t enough pressure, metric measurement can vary among advertisers and third-party measurement companies. A publisher may think they’ve hit their KPIs, just to be served with a make-good request from an advertiser that arrived at a different calculation, often via the same third party measurer.

Optimera does away with all of that! With Optimera, publishers intelligently segment ad inventory to satisfy ALL measurement vendors. 

Target inventory optimized for:

  • Viewability
  • CTR
  • Attention
  • Brand Safety
  • Contextual Relevance

At Optimera, we measure the measurers. Our technology intelligently segments ad inventory and provides optimizations so that you meet advertiser KPIs every time, without overdelivering. Thereby maximizing revenue and profitability while simultaneously improving outcomes for advertiser partners. 

Need to achieve 80% viewability on a campaign? Optimize for clicks? Prioritize engagement? Looking to achieve brand safe delivery or goal or to optimize toward specific content? With Optimera, it’s all possible and all in the hands of the revenue operations team! 

Our targeted ad delivery is fully automated, so you don’t have to spend hours setting up parameters and monitoring performance. It just works.

When your campaign is finished, you can present your performance summary to the advertiser and show how you met (or exceeded) their expectations. Importantly, with Optimera, the advertiser’s measurement vendor will agree. 

Even if you don’t have a specific KPI, use Optimera’s targeting solutions on campaigns to achieve impressive performance and entice advertisers to continue working with you instead of your competitor.

Forget worrying about make-goods — the only requests you’ll have will be for renewals!

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